Highlights Feature Beaded Beauty

Working with beads is never dull.  You have texture, color and shapes to stimulate your senses.

 All of this combined into a pattern of something you thought up.

 I have a store on Handmade Artists. com and it gives you the opportunity to put together different

 samplings of other artist’s work into a Highlight.

Beaded Beauty

My Dazzling Pink Tulip Lampwork Bead Bracelet And Earrings.

My Dazzling Pink Tulip Lampwork Bead Bracelet And Earrings.

 So this time I chose beaded items.

 Please take a moment to check this site out and see the beautiful things the artists  created.https://handmadeartists.com/highlights-details/?id=201409241614150b923&uid=01072013035755

 You will find it like looking at an art gallery.  I know buyers are always welcome too.

©2014 Sally J


Watermarks And Your Crafts

Some craft sites invite you to submit your craft…but don’t want a watermark on the photo of your creation.

This is plain silly…always watermark your photo. Your watermark on your photo has the ownership on it and should offer some protection.

There have been people stealing photos of crafts. Then they use the photo as their own and post it on sites.

This has happened to people I know. So Craft Sites—-Wake up—we will submit but don’t restrict us.

©2014 Sally J

Remember Your Art

Remember Your Art…..because like it or not..it is a part of you…It’s funny—you read in all these craft articles—-how to paint on things.

Well—I did things without all this.  I have painted on cars….rocks….clothes.

Only thing I would tell all of you….is to take photos….I don’t have the photos of painting my car….nice French scrolls.

When I was a teenager I painted a cardinal on a huge rock in the backyard. This I think it is on a slide somewhere.

So everyone….take your photos…make yourself a scrapbook for just YOU.

©2014 Sally J