When $7 Dollars Is Really $7

Recently I went to one of the large chain stores that begins with W.  They always advertise low prices and state they are going lower.  Also they emphasize friendliness to customers.

In the Ladies Department was a table with very nice printed fleece tops.  Each one had a design and was very soft.  I noticed the big sign on the table and it was $7.00.  So these nice tops were supposed to be priced at $7.00.  The original price was $9.99.

I choose a nice mint green one with metallic unicorns on it.  Before I went to the check out….I went to the price checking machine and checked all the prices of what I was buying in the shopping cart.  Yes…this fleece top was $7.00.

When I went to the cashier, she rang up most of my items.  When she came to the fleece top…..she looked at it.  I said it is $7.00 because it was on the $7.00 counter.

She said to me…just because something was on the $7.00 table doesn’t mean it is $7.00.

Okay…..so….what does this reasoning mean?   When the price rang up—$7.00—her theory did not hold up.

©2019 Craftvamp-Sally J





Bagless Or Mindless

Who ever invented the bagless vacuum cleaner?  I just have one question for you…..WHY?

Obviously you have never vacuumed or cleaned a room.  You go around vacuuming the floor, wall, ceilings and then the  dirt cup is full.

So you open it and shake it into the bag.  All the dust, particles, debris goes into a garbage bag and into the air.  You breathe in this garbage and it makes a terrible mess.  You feel gritty and like a dog that needs a bath.

Why is this better than a bag you put into the machine and when full –take it out and put the whole thing into a garbage bag.  NO DIRT BATH FOR YOU!

All the promoters of this act like mindless idiots.  No bags—so easy.  Really —ever choke and cough when using this bagless  invention?

© 2019 Craftvamp–Sally J




What’s Your Worth In Meat?

Some time ago, a comic strip featured a family getting ready for a barbecue in their backyard.  The child asked when the guests were  gathered…Are these the people we bought the steaks for or are these the ones for the hamburgers?

So can you imagine some of use are valued in the cut of meat that people want to serve us?  Are you a steak person or hamburger?  I don’t mind hamburgers.

What about our vegan friends?  They long ago decided this nonsense is not worth it.  Besides having a cruelty free diet, they are thought of differently.

If you go to someone’s house—do you place a value on what if any thing they give you to  eat?

©Craftvamp–Sally J




Paperless Or Powerless?

I know we are in a new age….what should we call it?
The re-use or re-recycle era? The electronic rules universe?
What I am mainly referring to—is the way the websites and stores are
supposedly cutting down on paper waste by using email to communicate.

All right—they ask before you leave the check out–do you want the receipt emailed or printed? You are given a choice.
But they never tell you that be prepared to have you email box overflowed with
endless communications from them.
You get a rundown of what you bought—what you might like to buy just like what you bought. Add to that additional items that could go with what you bought. Then to add to the mix—here are some things like what you bought that other customers have purchased and liked.

So to put it in a capsulized version—you are going to be stuffed with more advertisements than a turkey at Thanksgiving.
Why—does anyone see the irony in this?

©2018 Craftvamp–Sally J

Have A Good——

So now that we are on the subject of greetings. It is a normal thing used in
every day society. The earliest humans saw each other and said….”Ugh” and responded back “Ugh”.
Remember when you would go into a store and the cashier would pack up your things and say…”Have a nice day.”
I know some people did like people saying to them have a nice day. If you were
having a terrible day–they were not at fault.
It is always good to think that people want you to have a day that is not too
horrible. Sometimes we do have really rotten days!
I think when people are training to work in stores—the bosses or executives –tell them what to say. It is always nice to feel you are welcome in a store, even if it is just words that are a practiced drill.
One store–a drug store I go into –there is a cashier. He is polite and always says when you grab your bag….”Have a good one.” I am still wondering what a
good one is????

©2018 Craftvamp/Sally J

The Power Of Hello

Are you the kind of person that says Hello or Hi to someone you know when you see them? I am that way. Not everyone is.
Do you think it is a way of being polite? Is there something inside a person
that wants to be friendly or recognize a person?
I know some people do not say Hello when you see them. It is just a greeting.
Is it not businesslike enough? Maybe the people that do not acknowledge others are really unhappy people.
It is harder to say Hello to people than it is to ignore them. I am sure many shy people would answer yes to this. You gather up the courage and blurt it out.
Sometimes you get the risk of being snubbed.
A few weeks ago–I was at an art show. This much older artist in her 80’s came right up to me. I had spoken to her before and also gallery sat with her. We were 12 inches apart —I said Hello–she looked–turned and went the other way.
Well I guess she is one of the ones that does not say Hello. She also has three names and I guess Hello is not one of them.

©2018 Craftvamp/Sally J