Have A Good——

So now that we are on the subject of greetings. It is a normal thing used in
every day society. The earliest humans saw each other and said….”Ugh” and responded back “Ugh”.
Remember when you would go into a store and the cashier would pack up your things and say…”Have a nice day.”
I know some people did like people saying to them have a nice day. If you were
having a terrible day–they were not at fault.
It is always good to think that people want you to have a day that is not too
horrible. Sometimes we do have really rotten days!
I think when people are training to work in stores—the bosses or executives –tell them what to say. It is always nice to feel you are welcome in a store, even if it is just words that are a practiced drill.
One store–a drug store I go into –there is a cashier. He is polite and always says when you grab your bag….”Have a good one.” I am still wondering what a
good one is????

©2018 Craftvamp/Sally J


The Power Of Hello

Are you the kind of person that says Hello or Hi to someone you know when you see them? I am that way. Not everyone is.
Do you think it is a way of being polite? Is there something inside a person
that wants to be friendly or recognize a person?
I know some people do not say Hello when you see them. It is just a greeting.
Is it not businesslike enough? Maybe the people that do not acknowledge others are really unhappy people.
It is harder to say Hello to people than it is to ignore them. I am sure many shy people would answer yes to this. You gather up the courage and blurt it out.
Sometimes you get the risk of being snubbed.
A few weeks ago–I was at an art show. This much older artist in her 80’s came right up to me. I had spoken to her before and also gallery sat with her. We were 12 inches apart —I said Hello–she looked–turned and went the other way.
Well I guess she is one of the ones that does not say Hello. She also has three names and I guess Hello is not one of them.

©2018 Craftvamp/Sally J

Carded In Rite Aid

I had a cold. I rarely take cough syrup but use natural remedies like herbs.
But this time —I wanted to get rid of it quick. My throat was sore. I had an art show opening to go to.
So I picked up a bottle of the blue stuff in the local Rite Aid.
When I went to the cashier. I have been going to her a long time.
She said –“Do you have your license on you?”
I said “Why?”. I said—“Do you want a date?”–thinking they need to know you are over 21.
She said,” No I need to see your license.” So looks at it.
Now this is real silly. I wasn’t buying beer. I felt uncomfortable.
I wasn’t going to use this to produce drugs. I know other places will ask
for a date–to see that you are over 21. Also that you are not some kid
going to stuff it up their nose or drink to get high.
So they look at your license like they are reading a best seller and look at
you. Practice the authority gaze. Barf—barf.
It’s stupid and the world wonders why people’s identities are in jeopardy?

©2017 Craftvamp-Sally J

It’s A Miracle–It Grows.

All right—everyone that grows plants. Have any good experiences or bad?
I’ll start off—I gave my outside plants some Miracle Grow and they died. I had some pretty new guinea impatiens in two pots. They were doing well–but I thought could use some vitamins. Not—r.i.p.
The funniest flop–in plants is when I bought a cute Donkey Tails. It looks like little balls strung together, It was reduced at the local supermarket (red flag-right?). So I brought it home—put it in the corner of my bedroom.
It looked so nice and green. I watered it–and a few days later—noticed some of the balls on the floor.
So I went over to it and touched it—and almost all the balls of the plant start rolling off onto the floor. There was nothing left to the Donkey Tail Plant. It lasted two or three days.
I am glad when things grow. It does seem the plants have plans of their own.

©2017 Craftvamp-Sally J
pink now

donkey tails

Beware Of Zombies And Updates

I want to caution all you computer owners….on installing Windows 10 Creator. It was an update from Hell. At first –it seemed good—with new features–virtual reality….3rd printings. It wasn’t offered as a choice —which is very wrong—because this machine belongs to ME! It was just installed and took a long time. At first it worked….but then froze up my machine.
Nothing is wrong with my computer….but I got a black screen and a zombie machine. Way to go—force it on people. The machine wanted to do a disc fix but that’s their crap excuse for almost ruining my computer.
I was able to get it back by working on it. Nothing is wrong with my disc or computer. It is this stinking update. So I was able to go back to a previous Windows 10 version.
Go give this nonsense to other computer users and leave me alone.

©2017 Craftvamp–Sally J

When Is A Dollar Bill More Than A Ten Dollar Bill

I had a weird experience today. What day do I have that I don’t? I went to the gas station. I was paying for the gas before you pump it. I gave the clerk a ten dollar bill and several others. He looked at it (was korean) and said the ten doesn’t look right. He held it up to the light.
Well that bill was with some I had. I said–I will give you a twenty instead. I looked at the bill later and it had the all the markings of a genuine bill. But I checked the date on it and it is a 1934 Series A ten dollar bill.
So maybe this bill is special. It is in good condition. I had it with some money I saved from a special day.

©Craftvamp-Sally J