Don’t Understand This

All right here is a question for you. On a well known site–artists post their products with an unusually high rate for shipping.

I know shipping involves packing, boxes, filler, stamps and so forth.
I know I pack like it was going to the North Pole. So I stuff that box or envelope. But I don’t get these people—a necklace, pin or ring that would be the most $3.00 in the United States they are charging $15.00 to ship.

I don’t get it—how precious is their stuff that they can overcharge people like that. Do people actually buy their stuff?  What do you think? It doesn’t make sense to me

©2016 Craftvamp–Sally J


Working On New Shop

pic for articleI have a new shop that I have been working on at   It seems like a really interesting exciting site.  I like the way it always features new trends.

So slowing plodding through I have been uploading my jewelry designs, art and crafts.  It takes time to get all the photos and descriptions the way want them.

If you want to check out my new shop—

It’s fun to go on that site and check out all the other shops.  If you come on by—please stop  and say Hello.

©2016 Sally J (craftvamp)