The Beauty Of Coral By Sally J

I made these earrings and sold them on ebay.

I made these earrings and sold them on ebay.

The Beauty Of Coral By Sally J
Coral is a bright red stone that comes from the sea. We think it is
just one color—but look closely and you will see shading in it.

It has been around a long time and through out history people
have enjoyed wearing it. Early cultures thought it contained sacred or medicinal power.
Early romans tied coral branches on children for
protection. Later Italians wore coral, hoping it would
work against the evil eye.

Today we wear this stone for its’ stunning beauty and if
it helps us in some way, then it is a added benefit.
I have worked with it and the stones are hard. The cut
of the coral in the photos are called chips. Don’t let that
term fool you—it is a nice cut of coral polished and perfect
for stringing and beading designs.

©2013 Sally J