New—Is Not Better……

All right. I take a long time to buy things.
I have needed a new mixer for the kitchen. The old one is a White Westinghouse. It works but sometimes hesitates. So yes –it is old.
So I went to the local Kmart—it seems like they had a special.
Yeah —right. There was a mixer that rests on a stand for $25 dollars –only comes in red.
Then there was this Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer 62692—comes with beaters and a whisk. The mixer then rests on a Snap On Case.
Boy—when you try to mix your batter—the beaters fall out. Won’t lock in. Then the cord is so short as you mix—it comes out of the wall. Okay—when done—if you last that long—place on top of flimsy storage case and hope it doesn’t fall over.
Guess I will be returning it. I had to make some cookies for
the upcoming art show that I will be in. What a definite hassle!

©Craftvamp-Sally J.


Singing In The Rain–Not

I can remember when a rainy day was fun.  As a child I had a matching  raincoat with umbrella.  It was so comforting to splash through the puddles in the blue raincoat with the roses.

Umbrellas were dependable.  Some were big like a man’s or adult sized one. Maybe some were heavy or large but they opened easily.

Then umbrellas got smaller—more compact.  Some had easy to close buttons.

Recently in the spring I was using my brown umbrella with the easy to open button. As I crossed the grocery store parking lot—I tried to close it. ” Ouch!!!” It took a big chunk of skin off my finger.  It was good the store had band aids–and something to stop the bleeding.

Then a few months ago–I picked up an umbrella that was new but belonged to a relative.  The darn thing snapped me in the face as I opened it.

Stop and check to see if that the umbrella is safe.   Before you use it.

Plenty of rainy days ahead.

Like Gene Kelly in that movie….you might want to sing in the rain.

©craftvamp-Sally J

For Me–I’ll Take Hamburger

I love animals–That’s just the way I am.  It is something you are born with. So–I don’t really like hunting.

Not wanting to get into a dispute with the people that do.  It could be a regional thing.  If you are doing it–I don’t want to hear about it, nor do I want to eat or hear about your venison burger or meat.

A dear friend a few days ago–sent me photos of a venison meal he was making and all I could do is say— honestly I felt like puking.

I like to observe the beauty of animals (ALIVE) –take photos of them–make videos–draw pictures—paint them–make sculpture.  Yes—of Live Ones.

So with that said—No to your outdoor nature meals—yes I know the early pioneers ate it—but it’s not for me.

©2016 Craftvamp-Sally J

Wild Dog– Dig The Owner

As we start another week.. I will share something I saw.
I was taking my walk down the road.
There was a lady walking with her poodle on a leash. The cute gray poodle seemed excitable. It stops what he is doing and gets fussy.
You know he barks as someone is going by.
His owner seemed nice and said her dog, Hunter is crazy.
I just said all the small dogs seemed to act this way.  They are excitable and want to show they aren’t so small.
But I noticed he took a nice dump up on someone’s lawn.
I guess he should feel better. What a surprise for
that homeowner to clean up.

©Craftvamp-Sally J.

Check Out For What?

Do you wonder about store check outs? There should be another name for it. To make a  long long story short. After going on another line in the local Kmart(first one held up by man who wanted reward points without a pin or card).
I had the things run up. The cashier said she set it as charge
card because everyone else was using it. Then she did
not know how to change it to cash. Then the manager came to help. He walks away—she rings it up and no paper—then she changes the paper—the machine screwed up the receipt and folded it with not printing right. She tried it gain and the result
was a half eaten receipt.

Good thing that came out of it—the cat got a nice piece of cat
furniture for under $10 dollars. Now if only they could
run a store that wasn’t so aggravating. I’ll take the phony store
that they used as an advertisement on television.
It looks like this…now if only the cat will use it.



©Craftvamp-Sally J.


Be Careful Of Natural For Your Pet

Please be careful on putting those all natural flea collars on your cat or any pet. Trixie had one and all of a sudden clumps of fur fell out below his collar. Just because it is all natural doesn’t mean your pet will be able to tolerant it.

Cats can be allergic to something in the so called natural formula.  My cat lost fur and it was scary.  I took him to the vet and now he has to have medicine put on the area.collar

So use caution in things that are natural and also the the items loaded with chemicals.

Take your time and choose wisely.  Watch and observe your pet when using anything new around him.

©Craftvamp-Sally J.


Bottle Of Deposit Surprise

Talk about supporting local farmers. In a local food store, there was a nice glass milk bottle in the dairy case with milk from a local farm.

I like milk and the bottle was nice too. (I like glass things) I did not realize they charge you a $2.00 deposit –to make sure you return the bottle.

The milk was good but did not cost that much. I guess it was sticker shock —could not believe it.

Do you think that such a large deposit is necessary for the return of a bottle?  I did not know this until I left the store and looked at the receipt.

©Craftvamp-Sally J.