The Many Different Colors Of Nature

If you watch nature–you become aware of the many colors to observe.  Whether it is trees, flowers, scenery or animals.

I have seen many different colors of squirrels.  The common and active gray.  Also a few years ago I was able to watch and film a black squirrel.  He was very beautiful.

But several years ago for a short span I was able to observe a cute little red squirrel.  He was so lively and quick.  Sadly he never came back to the area after that summer.

©Craftvamp-Sally J


Service Websites–Join With Caution

Be careful of Angie’s List.  Last year I joined—paid a discount to become a member.

I was very disappointed in it.  Any handy people or services were well out of my area.  I really think the people who put all of this together should look at a map. Ridiculous.

So today I receive word they went into my paypal account and authorized payment to themselves for more of this nonsense.

I contacted Paypal.  Paypal fixed the problem.  But to all of you—Beware of this company.

If you sign up they put you down for automatic renewal  after a year-with no way to opt out.  This is a rotten way of doing business.  They are not looking out for us.

Side note–They contacted me and suggested I might be interested in their join for free accounts.  Why would I want to pay if they have a free account?  It all doesn’t make sense to me.

©craftvamp-Sally J



Thoughts Of Spring Past And Summer

  Every day when I go outside, it is amazing all the things nature shows us.  Whether it is the beautiful flowers, trees, birds or animals. There is always  a new or different sight. The many colors, patterns are really something to watch.

  I like when in the spring the new mothers bring out their babies.  The mama birds have a hard time.  Their babies are the same size as them.  It is funny when you see a mama chickadee with three babies.  These babies chase after her, flapping their wings and chatter.  “Feed me—feed me.”  Poor mama.

  Nature can be beautiful, but cruel.  I saw a poor dead bird yesterday.  It was a nuthatch.  It is sad, but maybe the poor thing was hurt.

It is the same way with humans. We see good things and bad.  Lately I have been unfortunate to see too much of the bad.  I know I will be seeing more of the good.

©Craftvamp-Sally J.

Watching The Birds

Have you ever watched the birds and wondered how they get by each day?  So many things are hard for them.

As they get food– birds must use caution.  One bad move and end up as another animals’ dinner.

Often must search for water in really strange places.  A simple puddle left over from a garden hose is a treat for them.  Instant beach.

Birds could teach us something.  They are simple creatures that don’t live very long. Yet they sing each day and take good care of their young.

©Craftvamp-Sally J

Not So Easy

Well–We all have devices that  have to connect to the internet. Whether it is a cell phone, computer, camera or printer–you have to go through a series of processes to be able to use it.
When you first buy or see the device—you are told it is an
easy set–up. But many times this is not so.
After repeated steps—you have to install and re-install.
Where are those quick steps –that they told us about?

I know my computer did an update.  Then my printer would not work with it.  So I had to uninstall and re-install the printer to work with the computer.  This had to be done a few times.

So I would caution you about installing updates.  Take your time and see if affects anything running with your computer.  Remember you have the option to let the updates be uploaded and installed by having you look at them first.

This does not mean not to install those vital updates—just take the time to know what you are installing.

©Craftvamp-Sally J.


Is Life A Pretzel



pretzelI like to design jewelry.  One of the mediums I work with is polymer clay.

Working without a mold, your hands show you things to make.

Often you start out with an idea and then you add to it.

The following piece I hand sculpted.  It is painted and glossed for protection.

You can say it is a comment on life or a piece of something good to eat.

It comes with a chain.  Visitors are always welcome.

It is on display at my Etsy Shop—Skymoonlady.

©Craftvamp-Sally J.