Bottle Of Deposit Surprise

Talk about supporting local farmers. In a local food store, there was a nice glass milk bottle in the dairy case with milk from a local farm.

I like milk and the bottle was nice too. (I like glass things) I did not realize they charge you a $2.00 deposit –to make sure you return the bottle.

The milk was good but did not cost that much. I guess it was sticker shock —could not believe it.

Do you think that such a large deposit is necessary for the return of a bottle?  I did not know this until I left the store and looked at the receipt.

©Craftvamp-Sally J.




Paying For Someone’s Promotion

What is so great about stores sending you advertisements or coupons on your cell phone? You are paying for everything they care to upload to you. So you are really paying for their advertising. Those minutes add up.

I know it is common now when you buy something—you are asked your email and  telephone number.  Do you wonder where all this information is going?

I know I gave out my email to a well known beauty supply store.  So a few months ago, I thought a friend was sending a photo to me.  It turned out to be a moving lipstick advertising the sale at this store.

I guess this cell phone advertising is good for the stores.  Doesn’t it make you wonder why it costs so much when they upload the advertisements to your phone?

©Craftvamp–Sally J