Filming Nature

I like to film nature.

One of the best things to film is the new crop of wildlife babies that appear each

spring or summer.

Whether it is a new batch of baby birds or new raccoons, it does not matter.

Each are different in their own way.  It is fun to watch how they stick close to their mom.

All these babies learn how to do the daily things needed to survive

in the wild.

It is a hard life for all of them.  Sometimes you can not find food and must

be ready to flee when you sense danger.

The time passes quickly and soon this year’s babies will be bringing

out their babies to show off soon.

What can I say?  I better make sure I have enough sd cards.

Sally’s Critters, Nature And More Production (Channel StarPir1315) of youtube

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Gray The Color That Goes with Almost Everything

Gray is a nice color to work with when making jewelry.
It can be dressy and glamorize an outfit. This color also
works well with an every day outfit that needs a
neutral color to blend with.

So when shopping for jewelry materials I found these
nice hematite stone beads. They are round and
have a nice polish to the gray shade.
Hematite is a crystal and some think it holds
certain powers. One is that it is can protect you
from negativity and helps you from feeling the
negative impulses from other people. It is also
considered an earth crystal and supposed to make
you feel a connection to the earth. There
are medical claims too. Anything that is supposed
to boost self esteem seems good. Whatever you
want to believe is up to you.

I choose these beads to make these earrings. I made a
pair for myself and another to sell in my shop. Personally I like
them and think they look good with any outfit. Jeans, dresses or
shorts and more.

The cross goes well with the hematite beads. The beads have a nice
shine that is not too over powering.
These earrings have genuine hematite and glass beads.
Featuring a dangling silver tone gothic cross.
Earrings measure 3 1/8 inches long.
These pierced earrings have hypoallergenic surgical steel earring wires.
Best thing about these gray beads is what I think about jewelry.
Jewelry should never take away from you. You are the star.

gothic cross

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