Art Noveau

Many of us do not realize how posters can really be examples of art

that are worthy masterpieces.  This art form has been going on for a long time

and is highly collectible.

Recently I have been looking at the posters of Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939).  I have liked

his work for a long time.  He was highly regarded during the Art Nouveau period.

The posters have vivid colors and look like a celebration of womanhood.

Mucha was the chief designer of posters for the famous actress Sarah Berhardt.

He created the theater bills for her plays in the 1890’s.

You can see Mucha in advertising, window displays, interiors and jewelry.

The beautiful poster I had.

The beautiful poster I had.

His distinct style would

draw in the viewer.

The funny thing about looking at Alphonse Mucha, was it reminded me of

a poster I had.  It was a beautiful lady with red flowing hair dressed like a greek goddess

with lilies all around.  I thought who could this artist be?

It turns out it was a reproduction of a famous work by Pail Berthon, a french artist made about 1897.

It is called L’Emittage and was from a series Les Maitre de L’Affiches.

The search for this poster was a success.  I am glad I found it again.

Examples of Mucha's work

Examples of Mucha’s work

mucha mucha again

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