Wearable Handbags

Do you wear your handbag?

That is what I have been hearing on all those fashion spots on television.

They will present different handbags and say how you should wear it

and what colors will go with it.

Now I am a lady too, but I don’t wear my handbag—I carry one.

Can you imagine all the mental pictures of someone trying to fit into their handbag.

At one time with all those overly huge bags—it might have been possible.

You could have probably been able to fit a house into one of those.  More like an

overnight bag.  Honey –you where ready for anything.  Only problem–that heavy load

in that bag will soon cause problems in your back or neck.

So much for fashion.

Did you ever get bumped in the back with one of those ridiculous heavy overly big

handbags?  Opps—I’m sorry.  Sorry next time lady—you should have back up alarms on

that bag.

It is also said the handbag completely changes the outfit.

So are you wearing your handbag?  What are your thoughts on this phrase?

©2014 Sally J


Looking On The Rosy Side

Many of us have dark days and long for sunny days.  What better way to cheer yourself up

then to do it with colorful rose themed art, crafts, jewelry and more.

I put together this Highlight on the Handmade Artists.com site.

It was funny really to see

all the rose themed items I could find.  Many artists there  have great ideas.

I included my Pink Brooch I hand sculpted to honor the brave ladies who fight  breast cancer.

It is a ribbon design of polymer clay featuring fabric roses.


Here is the Highlight named Coming Up Roses from Handmade Artists,com.



Why not come visit the site and see it for your self.

©2014  Sally  J