When Poems Live On

I wrote this poem some time ago.
Then one day I saw this contest in a magazine. It was for a poetry site where
you submit for an anthology poetry book.
Yes–prizes where supposed to be awarded.
The book it was supposed to be in was expensive and designed beautifully.
Your poem could be on mugs, magnets and more.
Well–I never won one of the prizes. But some time later—my poem appeared
on a poetry online website. Daily people could vote on whether they liked it or not.
Just because I submitted to one contest (I obtain copyright to this poem)—it seems like they say went forth and multiplied.
Which goes to say—you never know what you are getting into.
So here is my poem. I found out it is on Poetry.com—currently.

Dainty Dandelion

Dandelion, dandelion
How did you get your name
It is quite a shame
The way people pluck out
Your dainty yellow head
Peeping shyly out of flowerbeds
Tossed out of lawns, dead
Sitting so shiny and bright
It does not seem right
Something so pretty
Considered a noxious weed
Would you believe
Is a first hint of spring.

©craftvamp–Sally J


Singing In The Rain–Not

I can remember when a rainy day was fun.  As a child I had a matching  raincoat with umbrella.  It was so comforting to splash through the puddles in the blue raincoat with the roses.

Umbrellas were dependable.  Some were big like a man’s or adult sized one. Maybe some were heavy or large but they opened easily.

Then umbrellas got smaller—more compact.  Some had easy to close buttons.

Recently in the spring I was using my brown umbrella with the easy to open button. As I crossed the grocery store parking lot—I tried to close it. ” Ouch!!!” It took a big chunk of skin off my finger.  It was good the store had band aids–and something to stop the bleeding.

Then a few months ago–I picked up an umbrella that was new but belonged to a relative.  The darn thing snapped me in the face as I opened it.

Stop and check to see if that the umbrella is safe.   Before you use it.

Plenty of rainy days ahead.

Like Gene Kelly in that movie….you might want to sing in the rain.

©craftvamp-Sally J

When Bunny Hops…..

I remember seeing young rabbits running and playing around my backyard apple tree.  They did not seem to eat anything valuable but many natural weeds.  It was fun to watch them.

Then came a year when I did not see any rabbits at all.  No momma rabbit leading her babies across the incline to hide in the tall grass.  It was very strange.

I know that year—I saw foxes coming by the yards from the woods.    It was terrible I found a dead baby rabbit’s head.  Who knows what happened?

I know a lot of people will complain about animals.  But I think the world is a little better when you have a healthy dose of wild life to observe.  It is like the world saying–“Hey everything is okay.”

This spring and summer I saw some rabbits again.  They were running very fast. I think something scared them.  So it goes—stay safe—

©2016 Craftvamp-Sally J







In Print To See

There is nothing like the feeling when you see something you have written being published

in a magazine.  I mean the paper version —the you can feel it, touch it and see it version.

Some years ago I had a few things published in “Instructor Magazine.”

I know the feeling of excitement when you are looking through the pages to

find the thing you wrote.

Yes–of course it was edited down—but there was the photo I took and most of my

words describing how to make the craft item.

Many people don’t understand how you write all the steps to  enable someone

to recreate what you did.

When you see the finished result –it is totally different.  Still it is rewarding,

Patchy Scarecrow as seen  in Instructor Magazine.

Patchy Scarecrow as seen in Instructor Magazine.

©2015 Sally J

Looking On The Rosy Side

Many of us have dark days and long for sunny days.  What better way to cheer yourself up

then to do it with colorful rose themed art, crafts, jewelry and more.

I put together this Highlight on the Handmade Artists.com site.

It was funny really to see

all the rose themed items I could find.  Many artists there  have great ideas.

I included my Pink Brooch I hand sculpted to honor the brave ladies who fight  breast cancer.

It is a ribbon design of polymer clay featuring fabric roses.


Here is the Highlight named Coming Up Roses from Handmade Artists,com.



Why not come visit the site and see it for your self.

©2014  Sally  J