Card Crazy

Cards—no not the 52 that you play with in a deck of cards.  It’s the other kind.

How can I start–identity cards-like library cards.  I am not counting credit card, driver’s license or car registration..

It is the influx of store cards–shopper reward cards.  This is the endless number of card frenzy.  You have a shoppers card at drug, grocery, craft, auto and department stores.

Supposedly you get the sale price of things when a member.  Some cards count as reward points when you buy at certain stores.

Card –CARDS–cards—are taking over my wallet. Some look so much alike.

But sometimes the cards seem to take over.  You straighten them out.  Group them.  There are times you pull them out and set aside if you know you won’t be going to that particular store. Sometimes you forget them–oh my!!

The other day the cashier got annoyed with me when I handed her a card at Staples.

She goes–it’s not scanning.  Apparently I had given her a Michaels’ card instead. So no service with a smile–just hand over the card.

Anyone want to play a game of Rummy?

©craftvamp-Sally J


Paying For Someone’s Promotion

What is so great about stores sending you advertisements or coupons on your cell phone? You are paying for everything they care to upload to you. So you are really paying for their advertising. Those minutes add up.

I know it is common now when you buy something—you are asked your email and  telephone number.  Do you wonder where all this information is going?

I know I gave out my email to a well known beauty supply store.  So a few months ago, I thought a friend was sending a photo to me.  It turned out to be a moving lipstick advertising the sale at this store.

I guess this cell phone advertising is good for the stores.  Doesn’t it make you wonder why it costs so much when they upload the advertisements to your phone?

©Craftvamp–Sally J