Not So Easy

Well–We all have devices that  have to connect to the internet. Whether it is a cell phone, computer, camera or printer–you have to go through a series of processes to be able to use it.
When you first buy or see the device—you are told it is an
easy set–up. But many times this is not so.
After repeated steps—you have to install and re-install.
Where are those quick steps –that they told us about?

I know my computer did an update.  Then my printer would not work with it.  So I had to uninstall and re-install the printer to work with the computer.  This had to be done a few times.

So I would caution you about installing updates.  Take your time and see if affects anything running with your computer.  Remember you have the option to let the updates be uploaded and installed by having you look at them first.

This does not mean not to install those vital updates—just take the time to know what you are installing.

©Craftvamp-Sally J.



In Print To See

There is nothing like the feeling when you see something you have written being published

in a magazine.  I mean the paper version —the you can feel it, touch it and see it version.

Some years ago I had a few things published in “Instructor Magazine.”

I know the feeling of excitement when you are looking through the pages to

find the thing you wrote.

Yes–of course it was edited down—but there was the photo I took and most of my

words describing how to make the craft item.

Many people don’t understand how you write all the steps to  enable someone

to recreate what you did.

When you see the finished result –it is totally different.  Still it is rewarding,

Patchy Scarecrow as seen  in Instructor Magazine.

Patchy Scarecrow as seen in Instructor Magazine.

©2015 Sally J