What Is Art…..Part 2 (Yes An Endless Question)

To further explore what is art…I am sharing with your what I said in response to the question.   Of course the question in the group was asked…..What is art?

Art to me is like breathing. It’s a part of life…It is life. You don’t set out to create something—it calls to you and you help bring it to life.

Then people were trying to say is digital art or is this way art.  They were trying to break it down.

Like they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think art is like that too.  We look at it and see what we feel is the meaning of the piece. But it is open to anyone’s interpretation. So what is art to me might not seem like art to you.

That is the beauty of art—Freedom of expression. Don’t knock it down with endless discussion. Look–enjoy–learn. Only to some–at times just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder—-some of us might think that person needs to get their eyes checked. So live–look—if you don’t like it—move on to something else.

©2016 Craftvamp-Sally J


Not So Easy

Well–We all have devices that  have to connect to the internet. Whether it is a cell phone, computer, camera or printer–you have to go through a series of processes to be able to use it.
When you first buy or see the device—you are told it is an
easy set–up. But many times this is not so.
After repeated steps—you have to install and re-install.
Where are those quick steps –that they told us about?

I know my computer did an update.  Then my printer would not work with it.  So I had to uninstall and re-install the printer to work with the computer.  This had to be done a few times.

So I would caution you about installing updates.  Take your time and see if affects anything running with your computer.  Remember you have the option to let the updates be uploaded and installed by having you look at them first.

This does not mean not to install those vital updates—just take the time to know what you are installing.

©Craftvamp-Sally J.


Making Wooden USA Pin By Sally J

With the recent world events lately, I often feel pride looking at our flag.
No matter what happens in the world or our country –those red, white and blue
colors stand for something.  So instead of waiting for a national holiday, I will share with
you a design I made for a pin or brooch.
I made this several years ago right after 9-11.

US Love Brooch

Make this easy heartfelt pin to wear on anything.

Finished size: 2½ inches

Time: Less than 1 hour


Wooden Hearts, three large size

Bar pin, 1½ inches

Acrylic paints: blue, red and white

Paintbrushes: #6 Round, #8 Flat

Stain Varnish

Craft glue


1.  Paint three wooden hearts red, white and blue.  Let dry.

2.  Glue hearts overlapping the top and bottom edges.  See Fig. 1.

3.  Apply a coat of varnish for a glossy finish.

4.  When completely dry—turn over on back, center bar pin and glue.

Follow pattern to create pin.

Follow pattern to create pin.

©2015 Sally Jarvis

I would love to hear back from you when you make this pin.  Maybe I will publish some photos of your finished work.