Time For Squirrel Barking

Some time ago I made a video of an upset little squirrel in a tree.  He was crying
and barking as the tree swayed in the wind.  It was obvious he saw something below that frightened him.

So get ready with your camera—if you are a nature lover.  It is the time of the year, when young squirrels go out on their own and explore the world.
Yes–they will bark.

©Craftvamp-Sally J.


Wild Dog– Dig The Owner

As we start another week.. I will share something I saw.
I was taking my walk down the road.
There was a lady walking with her poodle on a leash. The cute gray poodle seemed excitable. It stops what he is doing and gets fussy.
You know he barks as someone is going by.
His owner seemed nice and said her dog, Hunter is crazy.
I just said all the small dogs seemed to act this way.  They are excitable and want to show they aren’t so small.
But I noticed he took a nice dump up on someone’s lawn.
I guess he should feel better. What a surprise for
that homeowner to clean up.

©Craftvamp-Sally J.