The Power Of Hello

Are you the kind of person that says Hello or Hi to someone you know when you see them? I am that way. Not everyone is.
Do you think it is a way of being polite? Is there something inside a person
that wants to be friendly or recognize a person?
I know some people do not say Hello when you see them. It is just a greeting.
Is it not businesslike enough? Maybe the people that do not acknowledge others are really unhappy people.
It is harder to say Hello to people than it is to ignore them. I am sure many shy people would answer yes to this. You gather up the courage and blurt it out.
Sometimes you get the risk of being snubbed.
A few weeks ago–I was at an art show. This much older artist in her 80’s came right up to me. I had spoken to her before and also gallery sat with her. We were 12 inches apart —I said Hello–she looked–turned and went the other way.
Well I guess she is one of the ones that does not say Hello. She also has three names and I guess Hello is not one of them.

©2018 Craftvamp/Sally J


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