Have A Good——

So now that we are on the subject of greetings. It is a normal thing used in
every day society. The earliest humans saw each other and said….”Ugh” and responded back “Ugh”.
Remember when you would go into a store and the cashier would pack up your things and say…”Have a nice day.”
I know some people did like people saying to them have a nice day. If you were
having a terrible day–they were not at fault.
It is always good to think that people want you to have a day that is not too
horrible. Sometimes we do have really rotten days!
I think when people are training to work in stores—the bosses or executives –tell them what to say. It is always nice to feel you are welcome in a store, even if it is just words that are a practiced drill.
One store–a drug store I go into –there is a cashier. He is polite and always says when you grab your bag….”Have a good one.” I am still wondering what a
good one is????

©2018 Craftvamp/Sally J


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