Service Websites–Join With Caution

Be careful of Angie’s List.  Last year I joined—paid a discount to become a member.

I was very disappointed in it.  Any handy people or services were well out of my area.  I really think the people who put all of this together should look at a map. Ridiculous.

So today I receive word they went into my paypal account and authorized payment to themselves for more of this nonsense.

I contacted Paypal.  Paypal fixed the problem.  But to all of you—Beware of this company.

If you sign up they put you down for automatic renewal  after a year-with no way to opt out.  This is a rotten way of doing business.  They are not looking out for us.

Side note–They contacted me and suggested I might be interested in their join for free accounts.  Why would I want to pay if they have a free account?  It all doesn’t make sense to me.

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2 thoughts on “Service Websites–Join With Caution

  1. I have heard of a lot of problems with Angie’s List. A friend of ours used his credit card and he went several months before he finally had to cancel his card. Terrible way to run and organization. He also said there were hardly any contractors in our area. If you google “problems with angi’s list they have them pushed down about three pages. I guess they pay to have the complaints pushed back. I think the free part is just to get you interested. Like that dangling carrot. lol

  2. Thanks for your comment suzink, I really thought it was a good idea to join. But like I said–in my area there was not a huge selection to find help. They lumped us in a geo- area which has a span of over 30–40 miles. Really stupid. Where were the local people?
    Glad to hear of someone else’s experience. No way should they use your pay pal or credit card without asking. You can not get into your own pay pal account as easily as they got into mine. With all the checks and re–checks. Shameful and horrible.

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