Thoughts Of Spring Past And Summer

  Every day when I go outside, it is amazing all the things nature shows us.  Whether it is the beautiful flowers, trees, birds or animals. There is always  a new or different sight. The many colors, patterns are really something to watch.

  I like when in the spring the new mothers bring out their babies.  The mama birds have a hard time.  Their babies are the same size as them.  It is funny when you see a mama chickadee with three babies.  These babies chase after her, flapping their wings and chatter.  “Feed me—feed me.”  Poor mama.

  Nature can be beautiful, but cruel.  I saw a poor dead bird yesterday.  It was a nuthatch.  It is sad, but maybe the poor thing was hurt.

It is the same way with humans. We see good things and bad.  Lately I have been unfortunate to see too much of the bad.  I know I will be seeing more of the good.

©Craftvamp-Sally J.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts Of Spring Past And Summer

  1. Great post… I can relate. I love to sit in my garden and watch the birds , rabbits and squirrels. Spring and summer with the hummingbirds coming to dance around while I water the garden is another favorite of mine. I love the woodpecker video. They are cool birds. They like to eat the pecans off my tree . Have an awesome day! 🙂

  2. Thanks. I am glad you liked the woodpecker video. I like hummingbirds too. They are so pretty and very quick. Many people don’t realize there is so much to watch outside.

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