Don’t Understand This

All right here is a question for you. On a well known site–artists post their products with an unusually high rate for shipping.

I know shipping involves packing, boxes, filler, stamps and so forth.
I know I pack like it was going to the North Pole. So I stuff that box or envelope. But I don’t get these people—a necklace, pin or ring that would be the most $3.00 in the United States they are charging $15.00 to ship.

I don’t get it—how precious is their stuff that they can overcharge people like that. Do people actually buy their stuff?  What do you think? It doesn’t make sense to me

©2016 Craftvamp–Sally J


3 thoughts on “Don’t Understand This

    • In regard to shipping–some money needs to be used for the package materials. So this is generally added to the fee that the post office would charge.
      Keep in mind–when there is free shipping. It is not really free. The price probably has been added in to the total price of the item.
      Back to these artists with the hiked up fees. I have also noticed a shipping fee that is asked for international shipping. What I saw was $35 dollars that would be for something that would cost $3 dollars in the States.
      Why these people do this? It doesn’t seem like you are looking for customers when you do this.

  1. I do know Blick art supply has unusually large fees but figure it has something to do with paint, which some is caustic, being shipped Some may insure the contents to make sure it gets there because someone just told me their shipment from overseas got lost.

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