When You Smell That Smell

There is an old rock song that includes the line —do you smell that smell?

So that brings up the question –the smells that you like and what to

do with presents that are given with a scent that someone else likes?


Doesn’t it make you wonder why people will invest  a lot of money into a scented

candle with a smell they like and gift it to someone else.  A candle is always

useful but if the person doesn’t like the odor, then it is wasted money.  It

seems too that those candles get larger and larger too as a present.


I have a good humored sibling that would come home with the biggest assortment

of scented gifts.  Huge candles that give off a scent for hours.  Boxes of

perfumed bath scents that someone thought you must have. Even perfumed pens that

would make someone with hay fever sneeze.


So next time you reach for the scented gifts—think am I buying it for myself or

for someone else to enjoy?  Hopefully that gift you gave out wasn’t a re-gift or else

the fruitless chain goes on and on.

You know that reminds me

of another old song.  That beat does go on.


©2014 Sally J


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