T’is The Season For Gifts

I have a store on Handmade Artists.com.  Now if you have a store—you
know you have to promote it or it disappears.

On this particular site people write Highlights showcasing other people’s work.
It is thought — if one spreads the word—-facebook, twitter, blog and more the
people will come.

Will this lead to sales—I would hope so.  The traffic needs to come over to
this site and see all the great things it has to offer.

Maybe not as well known as etsy or zibbet —-but give it a chance.
The following is a Highlight I made for Glam It Up For The Ladies.
See all great gift ideas you can get.

Glam It Up For Ladies

Glam It Up For Ladies

My item is Turquoise Bead Stainless Steel Necklace.  It would look

nice with anything you wear.



©2014 Sally J


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