To Christmas In July–Or Not….

  By Sally J  aka lacecurtaindarknight 

  I like to craft and also design jewelry.  Most of my things you can see in my 

  store on Handmade  If you have never seen this site…it is really

  worth your look.  Artists have all these great original items and you deal

  directly with them.  Here is my store.. .

  So many of us make up a Highlight page that features many items with a 


 I thought I would make a Christmas In July Highlight….okay everyone’s doing it..

Ready for thinking about....

 The original can be seen here….  details/Christmas%20In%20July….Everyone’s%20Doing%20It/?id=20140706032222a4238

 I know some people don’t plan that far ahead.   Might as well have a little fun on

 a hot summer day.

 Burr…can you say….snowballs.

©2014 Sally J




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